Victim: Deport my attacker before he kills

PUBLISHED: 17:00 21 October 2009 | UPDATED: 10:50 12 August 2010

THE RIGHT RESULT’: Gabrielle Browne outside court.

THE RIGHT RESULT': Gabrielle Browne outside court.

THE victim of a sexual assault burst into tears when a judge recommended her attacker be deported back to his native Sierra Leone. Gabrielle Browne, 44, said she had gone through six-and-a-half years of blood, sweat and everything else since Mohammed K

THE victim of a sexual assault burst into tears when a judge recommended her attacker be deported back to his native Sierra Leone.

Gabrielle Browne, 44, said she had gone through "six-and-a-half years of blood, sweat and everything else" since Mohammed Kendeh attacked her in a park in Camberwell.

Kendeh was jailed for four years after dragging Mrs Browne into bushes and attempting to rape her in 2003.

Days after his release, in July this year, he attacked another woman in Penge despite Mrs Browne's desperate pleas for his deportation.

Brave Mrs Browne, who waived her right to anonymity, watched from the public gallery at Croydon Crown Court last Friday as serial offender Kendeh, 22, from the Beckenham area, was sentenced to five-and-a half years for robbery.

She wept in relief as Judge Simon Pratt added weight to the UK Border Agency's case for deportation, warning Kendeh that an appeal to expel him could be reopened.

Judge Pratt told him: "Your continued presence here is contrary to this country's interests and for what it's worth I recommend your deportation as and when the immigration service has dealt with you.

"You are 22, you have an appalling record for sexual assault on lone females. There is a risk of you causing serious harm to others."

This comes just two years after Sir Henry Hodge, then the UK's leading immigration judge, ruled out deportation despite the Home Office stating that Kendeh had a high chance of re-offending. He reasoned that it would breach Kendeh's human rights to have a family life.

Outside court, Mrs Browne told the Times: "He should be deported to protect any other women in the UK from being raped, robbed or indeed killed. He has made threats to kill. It's absolutely the right result.

"My fight for justice is to get him removed from the UK. He has shown no respect for the courts. Every time he is released he re-offends. He targets vulnerable lone women who are out and about in parks and open spaces. Their right to freedom should be more important than his right to life in the UK."

Mrs Browne had been training for the London marathon in March 2003 when Kendeh attacked her. He dragged her into bushes as she was jogging.

Reliving the nightmare, she said: "He stopped me under the pretence of asking me the time. He put his right arm around my shoulder and then my neck. I blacked out. He dragged me 200 yards along the floor although I have no recollection of being dragged. When I came to he had his head against my chest and was focusing on removing my lower clothing.

"It was terrifying, having his right arm go around your throat and not knowing what is going to happen next. It has been six-and-a-half years of blood, sweat and everything else. The judge's recommendation of deportation is the strongest that could have come out of court today."

Days after his release in July this year, Kendeh robbed and punched a woman, stealing her mobile phone and leaving her trembling and curled up in a ball at the scene of the assault in Thayers Farm Road, Penge.

He was arrested the same day and pleaded guilty to robbery on September 21.

His extensive list of previous convictions dates from 2002 and includes six indecent assaults, a rape, burglary, assaults, dishonesty and car theft.

On two occasions the women he targeted had young children with them when he sexually assaulted them.

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