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PUBLISHED: 15:07 09 September 2009 | UPDATED: 11:11 12 August 2010

ON RECORD: Cassie Ash and her digital film of the UFO.

ON RECORD: Cassie Ash and her digital film of the UFO.

QUICK thinking residents who saw UFOs shooting across the sky have managed to capture the intriguing orange discs on film. Two separate witnesses recorded the objects moving across Bromley s celestial sphere and contacted yoour Times to share their f

UFO: Does Bromley have visitors?

QUICK thinking residents who saw 'UFOs' shooting across the sky have managed to capture the intriguing orange discs on film.

Two separate witnesses recorded the objects moving across Bromley's celestial sphere and contacted your Times to share their footage.

Beautician Cassie Ash, 26, was in the garden with her family, in Kirkstone Way, Bromley, on the evening of August 23 when they saw one pea-sized orange ball floating in the sky.

Her film shows an orange ball which shoots about the sky, becoming larger then shrinking again.

She said: "It must have been between 9 and 10pm when my brother Ben said 'what's that up in the sky?' and we all turned around. When you see a star, it looks like a grain of sand but this looked more like a pea, it was quite large.

"We watched it while it travelled across the sky until it disappeared and then we all ran through the house and went out the front where it hovered and went smaller and smaller until it disappeared. "At one point it sort of exploded before it went back to pea-sized. It was definitely not an aeroplane.

"We're all really interested in this sort of thing, I've never seen anything like this before so it was very exciting- we were all laughing and shouting."

Will Barnett from Bromley also described seeing the same thing and took video footage. He said: "I read the article in the Times with great interest because I also saw a series of bright orange UFOs. On Sunday August 30 morning at 12.10am I was in my office in Petts Wood, when I looked out of my skylight which faces due south.

"I saw a series of four very bright round objects flying in a straight-line formation due east from an initially low level to a very high level in the west, where they eventually disappeared in to the upper atmosphere. When the fourth had disappeared another rose from the east at a low level following the same path. When that had gone, three more followed the same trajectory, totalling eight.

"I wondered if they were Chinese lanterns first of all but they were very fast moving, going over the whole night sky in under a minute each and also what little wind there was went from east to west. I'm extremely confident these were no airplanes and they made no sound.

"I'm quite sceptical myself but I woke my wife up who also saw one of the objects. I hope this is of interest and your article brings more people forward as I'd be very keen to know what these were, Chinese lanterns or otherwise. I'd like to know if there is any meteorological phenomenon that can explain these as I certainly can't explain them."

But other residents are more sceptical and believe the objects are sky lanterns. Brian Williamson, from Shortlands said: "I saw the orange flying objects. I saw them at about 12.15am on August 22 and they appeared to be to be sky lanterns. They were coming downwind from Crystal Palace direction. I saw a gaggle of four, with a later single one. I had them in view for about three minutes before they went out.

"When they go out, the flame inside goes out over a period of about a second or so which gives the impression of a sudden increase in speed, but always directly away from the observer.

"These seem to be getting more popular, and new designs include white Doves and Halloween pumpkins so you can expect many more sightings."

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