General Election? You say Bring it On’

PUBLISHED: 17:28 27 May 2009 | UPDATED: 10:30 12 August 2010

'SHAMEFUL': Pavol Nagy.

'SHAMEFUL': Pavol Nagy.

THE majority of voters quizzed in the Bromley borough want the Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call a general election, writes Kate Nelson.

ANGRY: Ann Collins.

THE majority of voters quizzed in the Bromley borough want the Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call a general election, writes Kate Nelson.

A survey conducted by the Times in Bromley town centre revealed many residents believe an election would give democracy a "fresh start" following the MPs' expenses scandal which revealed the local MPs - Jacqui Lait (Beckenham), John Horam (Orpington) and Bob Neill (Chislehurst and Bromley) had spent more than £1.2million pounds of taxpayers' cash between them.

Many people felt going to the polls was the only fair way to re-establish their faith in MPs who have angered their constituents with lavish and indulgent purchases at taxpayers' expense including second homes when their constituency is a mere few miles from the House of Commons.

Mother-of-three Ellen Corby, 40, of Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley, said: "Bring it on. Let's go to the polls. The whole country has fallen apart. Allowances should be the catalyst for everyone to vote. Conservatives will win."

Jackie Gray, 46, from Bickley, said: "Bob Neill should show us his receipts. If you use expenses then they should all be necessary for work. Not having to provide receipts has been systematic abuse."

Our town centre poll was one step ahead of Conservative leader David Cameron, who spoke on Tuesday about the redistribution of power from politicians to the "men and women on the street".

He said: "The lack of power and control people experience in their daily lives was barely tolerable when times were good. But now times are hard and people are on the receiving end of wage cuts, job losses, negative equity, home repossession and rising crime and revelations about their rulers' behaviour which has disgusted them they are furious and finally demanding big change.

"Through decentralisation, transparency and accountability, we must take power away from the political elite and hand it to the man and woman in the street."

Bromley residents are angry that Gordon Brown appears to be stalling the announcement of a general election, which he must do by June 2010.

Some seemed disheartened with the political system while others have made a conscious decision to spoil votes in protest at the scandal reverberating around Parliament.

Retired ship captain Jack Price, 75, of Poverest Road, Chislehurst, said: "When you get to my age you realise nobody really knows what they are doing. I'd like to see an election with a credible candidate who I could trust."

Gordon Brown announced on Monday that Labour MEPs would be subject to more stringent expenses rules amid fears that the scandal that has hit UK Parliament will soon spread to Europe.

He wants them to publish more detailed expenses claims every six months and that they should include receipts which currently they don't have to do. Extravagant and "comical" expenses claims for duck houses, moat cleaning and mock Tudor beams have left voters reeling.

This week, the Times lets YOU have your say about what should happen next.

RETIRED campaigner Patricia Wood, 80, of Camden Park Road, Bickley, said: "I would like a general election now, it is the right time. I'm shaking with anger about MPs' expenses. It makes me lose my faith in human nature. I haven't noticed anything good that Bob Neill has done at all. I feel sorry for the young people who are starting out in politics and trying to change the system."

PENSIONER Shirley Copeland, 66, from Mottingham said: "They should all go. It's up to the people. They have upset lots of people, we are all angry. What have MPs done for us? Nothing. So we're not going to vote as a protest. Whoever gets in won't do anything for us. The Speaker is retiring with a massive pension worth thousands which makes me annoyed because my pension is

not good."

MARKET trader Tony Hamer, 56, of Cambridge Road, Bromley, said: "There should be an election without a doubt. I don't see why we shouldn't have one and I think they will be forced to sooner or later. I've never voted for the Conservatives or Bob Neill and I don't want him to get in again. I'd like to see the Liberals get in. People have become disenfranchised by the system. How can MPs claim for a duck house? It's comical. You have to ask 'is it honourable and would I claim for it if people were going to find out?'"

HOME appliances engineer Ray Ballard, 46, of Breadhurst Close, Penge, said: "I'm not really interested in politics. I've never voted before. No matter who gets in you're screwed. The expenses thing has p***ed me off. I work hard for my money. I'm never going to vote. If I did, I'd want the Monster Raving Loony party."

STUDENT Nikky Johnson, 18, with sister Tolu Johsnson, 19, from Beckenham, said: " I'm annoyed about the MPs getting extra money. I'm broke and we're in a recession, it's like 'er hello!'"

SALES executive Ann Collins, 45, of Tylney Road, Bromley, said: "There should be an election- look at the state of the country. I was made redundant and now I'm working three different jobs. Second homes have made people angry. I'd vote for the Conservatives."

STUDENT Pavol Nagy, 21, of Bromley Common, said: "I'd like an election. Gordon Brown doesn't have anyone backing him. MPs' behaviour has been shameful. Sometimes you see people counting pennies when you're in a shop and all the time they have been claming big sums of money. The Conservatives would probably win the next election.

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