Gay stab victim believed he’d be chopped to pieces’

PUBLISHED: 15:22 02 December 2009 | UPDATED: 11:37 12 August 2010

A NURSE described the night he watched his partner of 18 years murdered by a hate-filled man as like something out of a horror film . The police interview of Chris Bevan, 56, of Page Heath Villas, Bickley, was played to the jury at the Old Bailey on T

A NURSE described the night he watched his partner of 18 years murdered by a 'hate-filled' man as like "something out of a horror film".

The police interview of Chris Bevan, 56, of Page Heath Villas, Bickley, was played to the jury at the Old Bailey on Tuesday in which he told officers how he and Gerry Edwards, 59, were brutally attacked at their home by David Kilcullen.

Kilcullen,46, of The Avenue, Bromley, had allegedly demanded oral sex off Mr Edwards months before the attack on March 3 this year.

Unemployed Kilcullen has denied murder and attempted murder.

Mr Bevan said he had been taking an afternoon nap upstairs but as he made his way down to the living room at around 8pm he had heard his partner shouting and saw a man holding a knife. He said: "I heard a terrible shriek coming from the kitchen.

"Gerry looked terrified, he was staring at the bloke in horror. He couldn't believe it and neither could I. It was like a horror film.

"When I got to the foot of the stairs, Kilcullen turned around and looked surprised. He said 'get in the kitchen or I'll kill you'."

Mr Bevan said Kilcullen forced the pair in the kitchen to lay down on the kitchen floor. He said: "He was sort of kneeling down, sort of crouching and then he first stabbed Gerry and then he thrust the knife underhand into my stomach.

"It felt like my body was being ripped apart.

"He seemed almost full of hatred, I thought 'why is he doing this to us?'

"Gerry screamed a couple of times because of the pain where he was stabbed and that's why I started panicking because I thought he was going to chop us to bits.

"The strange thing was, I never thought he would stab me but the next thing I felt was the blood and he seemed to twist further, I just screamed.

"It was indescribable, the worst pain you can imagine and it's a pain that won't go away.

"Mentally I thought my brain was going to explode, physically I thought blood was pumping everywhere."

He added: "At that stage I didn't know Gerry had died, I thought I could help him, I thought I must get out to get help."

The victim staggered to his feet and tried to escape the attacker but was pulled back and tripped over a step ladder.

He then managed to clamber his way into the sitting room, where it is alleged Kilcullen began beating him around the head with a bottle of Drambuie whisky.

He 'made a dive for it' and managed to get out of the front door and crawl to his neighbours' property, where he collapsed before an ambulance was called.

Mr Bevan had told officers that he met the defendant once before.

He said: "He came to the house one evening asking for Gerry but he had gone up to Pimlico. I said 'Gerry is out', I only opened the door slightly. I thought I didn't want him in here, he looked very dodgy to me.

"He looked back and with a grin he said 'oh you must be gerry's mate'. He was sort of leering, I always remember that night."

My Bevan said that the first time his partner met him was when he walked past on the street and seen mr edward's on the window and had accused him of watching child pornography.

Mr Edwards had denied this and invited him into the house to prove it.

Kilcullen would then visit Mr Edwards for coffee, the court heard.

Mr Bevan said: "I was quite shocked one time because I came home in the morning and Gerry said 'that Dave has been here again' and I was thinking why was he bothering him?

"He had some woman with him, some woman or other, and he said to the girlfriend I want Gerry to give me oral sex and I want you to watch.

"Gerry was horrified and he said this girl was quite rough but I never saw her."

He said he couldn't understand why his partner let him come round so many times but he thought he felt really sorry for him.

Mr Bevan suffered knife wounds to his face, neck, ears, back, arms, hands and upper torso. He spent months in hospital, had to have his spleen removed and still requires medical attention.

The trial continues.

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