Bromley life coach proves it’s never too late to start looking forward

PUBLISHED: 09:46 01 February 2013 | UPDATED: 16:59 05 February 2013

Clara Gibson

Clara Gibson


You just need to walk through Bromley High Street to see people who are not living in the here and now – so says life coach Clara Gibson who has been trying to train people to escape the shackles of inward thinking for about four years.

Clara GibsonClara Gibson

She believes a large number of her clients are guilty of being trapped in a cycle, focusing on the past and replaying the same old events.

“It’s about finding what limits a person and coming up with a different way of thinking”, Clara said.

“People worry about the same old things over and over, but changes can often be made in small steps.

“Finding the key to change can be like dropping a powerful colour into a bottle of water – you just sit back and watch it expand.”

One of the main problems for those who visit Clara, a former NHS health visitor, is a fear of change and her attempts to encourage thinking “outside the box” are a part of the job she loves.

The 56-year-old, who believes change is a daily occurrence, says people often resist transformation.

She said: “People have great fears. Even though they experience change every day, they dig in.

“If you’re always looking for negative things, that’s what you’ll find. It can take a while for people to realise where they want to go with their coaching and just what they can achieve. But the result is what I love.”

After finding there was a limit to the services she could offer with the NHS, Clara, of Bromley, decided to go it alone – but the area is one she believes the government should be investing in.

Feelings and emotions can play a large part in the way bodies function, with raised stress levels affecting metabolism, for example.

“Every thought you have alters your body chemistry”, says Clara. “Thoughts can have a mammoth effect on our health.

“The NHS offers a far too limited service. I found that management wanted little other than boxes ticked and so they’re looking in the wrong direction.”

Specialising in areas including job loss, depression and financial problems, Clara claims success is no guarantee of happiness.

Her clients, who usually book in blocks of 12, range from high-flying bankers to recent divorcees struggling to overcome their split.

She said: “With a lot of people, whether they’re successful or not, there’s a level of depression.

“So I think some people just get themselves into a negative mindset that becomes engrained. There are experiences in life that some beat themselves up over daily, which is an example of living in the past.”

For those unwilling to look to the future and set goals, life coaching can be the wrong choice.

Clara added: “Some just wouldn’t want to come. They want counselling in order to just talk about the problem. Sure, I will talk about that, but I want to move forward.”

To book a course with Clara or discuss her methods, visit or call 020 8460 4294.

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